Flirty Girl Lash Studio $30,000 Liquid Capital Required

Flirty Girl Lash Studio




Flirty Girl Lash Studio is focused on providing luxurious but affordable eyelash extension and eyebrow services. We are the innovative leader in the $80+ Billion beauty industry specializing in semi-permanent eyelash extensions. An Opportunity to Own Your Own independent Eyelash Extension Franchise, without feeling like your on your own. Now you have the opportunity to own a respected, attractive and rewarding Eyelash salon business -- One that provides a professional environment, and one that is backed by a full staff of professional franchise support, tools and services.



Why a Flirty Girl Franchise? 

We are dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent services, using quality Flirty Girl proprietary products, and furnishing a unique, upscale atmosphere. We focus on giving our clients a comfortable, fun and relaxing experience that can not be duplicated anywhere else. Providing luxury services to our clients at an affordable cost, we guarantee they will return over and over again. 

At Flirty Girl we want everyone to have the opportunity to feel beautiful. This is why we have spent almost a decade building a business model that allows our clients to purchase premium lash extensions and other luxury services at an affordable price. Our prices, diverse offerings, and distinct atmosphere are what bring clients in and keeps them coming back. The repeat clientele in this niche industry will help our Franchise Owners grow their business at a faster rate. Franchise Owners can enjoy owning a successful business with multiple revenue streams and strong unit economics all while overseeing their franchise part time. 



Successful Formula.

Flirty Girl Lash Studios is focused on affordable pricing and the client experience. Leading in beauty innovation. Flirty Girl provides a:

  • Semi Absentee  Model  ( Manager Ran)
  • Multiple Revenue streams
  • Repeat Demand clientele
  • Fast Growth rate
  • High ROI
  • Low Investment cost
  • Multiple unit option

Our simplified business formula for our franchise owners allows for ease of management, instead of working in the business you are able to work on the business.

FLirty Girls state - of - the art studios along with our top - notch stylists sets highest standards in the beauty industry. With our consistent beauty innovation works Flirty Girl is always ahead of other lash salons.



Proven Business Model.

Since the beginning Flirty Girl has proven its rapid success serving tens of thousands. Our business model creates a high recurrence of visits with our committed clientele coming every one to three weeks. The daily natural eyelash cycle occurs, which in return creates a need for maintenance and reapplication of new individual lashes, this requires ongoing upkeep and repeat demand. Flirty Girl owners are positioned for success with remarkable growth.

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